Virat Kohli Height, Weight, Age, Affairs & More

Some unknown facts about Virat Kohli Does Virat Kohli smoke?: Not Known Does Virat Kohli drink alcohol?: Yes Virat’s nickname “Cheeku” was given by his Delhi State coach Ajit Chaudhary in his childhood days. He Idolizes Sachin Tendulkar. He never had any backup-plan for

Deepika Padukone Height, Weight, Age, Affairs & More!

Some Lesser Known Facts About Deepika Padukone: Does Deepika Padukone smoke: No Does Deepika Padukone drink: Not Known She was not a social person at young age, she had very few friends. She has played badminton at national level and she wanted to become a

Shahrukh Khan Height, Weight, Age, Affairs & More!

Some lesser known facts about Shahrukh Khan Does Shahrukh Khan smoke?: Yes Does Shahrukh Khan drink alcohol?: Yes He grew up in a middle-class family and his family used to live in rental apartments. His father died due to Cancer in 1981 and his

Aamir Khan Height, Weight, Age, Affairs & More!

Some lesser known facts about Aamir Khan Does Aamir Khan smoke?: Aamir Khan used to smoke a lot, he admitted that at times he even smoked 40 cigarettes in a single day but the good thing is that Aamir Khan has quit smoking now.

Sergio Agüero Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Biography and More

Some Lesser Known Facts About Sergio Agüero Does Sergio Agüero smoke?: No Does Sergio Agüero drink Alcohol?: Yes  The Nick Name of Sergio is Kun, which is featured on his shirt, was given by his Grand-Parents from Sergio’s favourite T.V programme Kum-Kum. He described Leonel Messi like