Chris Gayle Workout And Diet Routine

Chris Gayle Gym

When the game is against West Indies, somehow it all comes down to how Chris Gayle will perform on that day. He is capable of winning the match solo for his team. He is amongst the only 4 cricketers to have scored two triple centuries at test level. He made 317 runs against South Africa in the year 2005 and 333 runs against Sri Lanka in 2010. The other four batsmen are Virender Sehwag, Brian Lara, and Don Bradman.

Chris also became the first batsman to hit a six on the very first ball in the test match. He also was one of the only two cricketers to score a double hundred in World cup. His quickest century was in just 30 balls in IPL. Chris has a great track record as a batsman, and he works equally hard to maintain that stature.

He is one of the fittest cricketers, and his batting game is the strongest. He gives tough competition to the opponent team and is immensely feared by bowlers as there is no ball that he can’t tackle.

He was then asked to reveal the secret behind being able to keep hitting so many sixes, even on the first ball, is there no pressure? To which he replied, “My batting is not about just hitting all balls. I play according to the situation. You have to respect the bowlers. Not every ball is supposed to be hit.”

Workout Routine

Chris Gayle Body Transformation

Success does not fall into your lap overnight. You have to work for achieving this level of fitness. When he was asked about his body transformation and how he generates so much power in each one of his cricket matches, he replied saying – “A good cricket bat and a nice workout in the gym is all you need. You need to build your muscles, work on your intensity and hit balls in the nets. Well, but it is definitely not going happen overnight. You have really gotta exercise and grind for what you want.”

Chris Gayle Workout

  • Chris has a really fun kind of work out.
  • His favourite cardio exercise is dancing!
  • He loves to dance, and he likes to put on some music and begin with his morning cardio.

Chris Gayle Fitness

  • His work out is basically focused on leg exercises, muscle building exercises, and abs exercises.
  • He also indulges in a lot of running and sprinting for increasing his stamina.

It is very important for a batsman to be able to score maximum runs without getting tired. If you get tired, there are high chances of getting out. And we know Chris isn’t someone who’d go home without a century!

Chris Gayle Gym

Diet Plan

Chris did not pay so much attention to food initially. He just grabbed whatever he liked and ate it, especially pasta, it is his favourite! But now he has certainly gotten a bit more conscious. He has included a lot of fruits and vegetables in is diet.

It is a healthy start. It is told by nutritionists all over the world that breakfast is the most significant meal of your day. And Chris takes it seriously. No matter what he has a healthy breakfast to keep him charged and energetic for rest of the day!

You should give a good kick start to your day by feeding your body with good food. Productivity will come automatically. He takes a protein shake before his workout, and he keeps his body well hydrated and takes lots of fluids in the form of juice or lemonade.