David Warner Workout And Diet Routine

David Warner Gym

David Warner is amongst the top ten cricketers according to the ICC ranking and one of the most feared opening batsmen. As a vice-captain, he is a supporting pillar for his team. David Warner was once dismissed from the team for hitting an English player in a bar during Champion’s trophy. It changed things for him. His life and fitness both fell apart. Nevertheless, he was still a great cricketer, but he needed to get back in shape for his return, and David’s coach and mentor Wayne Geber trained him to be fitter than ever during the whole period.

Workout Routine

David Warner Exercise

Wayne has been with David since he was 7 years old. When Geber first met David this is what he concluded about David, “Fitness-wise, it was very easy to spot that he was an A Grade athlete. He had the speed and power that only special athletes possess. Endurance wise he did not have the miles in his body that he has now.”

He would make David get up at 5 am sharp every morning and made him do some really tough exercises. But David was not always a morning person. Geber reveals, “Ten years ago I’d sometimes get a call saying he couldn’t make a training session, but now he has no trouble starting at 5 am or 6 am and is always the first one bouncing out of his skin and ready to start.”

David Warner Workout

One of the hardest exercises for David was hill sprinting. You have to sprint over a slope; it is basically running along with climbing. It might be a harsh exercise, but it improves stamina, endurance and leg strength. It helps a batsman to gain more speed, and he can run longer without getting tired.

Here are all of David’s exercises –

  • Hill sprinting
  • Plyometrics
  • Boxing
  • Weight Training
  • Cardio

David Warner Gym

Even when David is out of the country playing for his team, he and his mentor stay in touch, and they make sure his workout does not suffer. Geber shared, “When he is here in Sydney he finds time to train with me. But even when he isn’t, we speak most days to check in with each other. He has made huge refinements in his nutrition as well as in the way he prepares for games. He has turned himself into a true leader with his sacrifice and discipline off the field.”

Geber talks about their training sessions – “No one session is the same. We are both great believers in short and sharp intense sessions. Cricket is a long game, so rest and recovery are as important as any other part of the game. With the amount of cricket, David plays short training sessions of 30 minutes are perfect and then provide the rest needed to be fresh on game day.”

David’s dedication and commitment have truly paid off. Besides the time when David broke his thumb, he neither missed his exercises nor a game of cricket in years. He has now played close to 50 Test matches, one-days and T20s. Geber adds, “He has served his apprenticeship a few times over now in my mind. We’ve just seen his first score of 250. I think the next 50-odd Tests could be huge for him. No injuries and the same discipline off the field and the sky is seriously the limit. He knows his game and body now.

David Warner Fitness

Diet Plan

  • Warner was put on a strict low carb and high protein diet during his body transformation time to lose the fat and build more muscle.
  • He removed any unhealthy or junk food from his meals and switched to natural fruits and vegetables for the better.
  • He gave up all sorts of processed food and ate freshly prepared and cooked food during his training.
  • He took care of everything, from keeping his body hydrated to giving his body the right and balanced protein and carbohydrate meals.

David is certainly a changed man now. “He is a lot more committed and a lot more focused, and he now understands that to stay at the top it requires dedication off the field as well,” quoted his coach of 10 years. “He relied on talent and probably didn’t have the work ethic that he does now. He’s 27 now; he has found his way out”, he adds.