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Ex-Muslim Sahil

Profession(s)Activist, YouTuber
Physical Stats & More
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack
Personal Life
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Social MediaFacebook

Ex-Muslim Sahil


Some Lesser Known Facts About Ex-Muslim Sahil

  • Sahil was born into a religious Muslim family and himself followed the religion for a very long time.
  • While growing up, Sahil was interested in learning more and more about Islam. He used to watch videos of Islamic preachers like Zakir Nair.
  • In his teen years, Sahil was part of a Tablighi Jamaat. During that time he got to watch videos of some Salafi scholars and soon he converted from Tablighi Jamaat to Salafi Jamaat.
  • Sahil used to give Daʿwah to Non-Muslims wherever he found it possible like in his company and online forums.
  • Slowly, he started to see the flaws in Islam and his interest in Islam started to decrease. He started skipping praying at times.
  • During the lockdown in 2020, Sahil started to doubt Islam and had questions about the teachings of the religion and decided to leave Islam.
  • He read Islamic books like the Quran and Hadith but found many teachings unsettling.
  • Islam divides people into halves, the Muslims and the Kafirs. He believes that people should be differentiated based on their good and bad deeds and not their religious choice.
  • Sahil is the only member of his family who has renounced his faith in Islam.
  • When Sahil decided to leave Islam, his family called an Alim Sahib so he could ask his questions and his faith in Islam re-establishes. However, the answers he received did not sound satisfactory to him.
  • Initially, his family members did not like his idea of leaving Islam and stopped talking to him.
  • He then decided to start activism to enlighten people about the shortcomings of Islam that are preached in modern times so that sections of society can be uplifted.
  • His main channel on YouTube was banned in India on 6 July 2023 leading to the #UnblockExMuslimSahilIndia trend on Twitter (now X).