List of Hindi Dubbed Movies of Vijay (25)

Hindi Dubbed Movies Of Vijay

The Tamil Film Industry Superstar, Vijay has given many super hit movies over the years. The talented actor is one of the most influential actors of Tamil films. His fan following is enormous, as people enjoy his action-romance films. Vijay started his career as a child artist in his father’s films. Apart from acting, he is a playback singer too. So, here is the list of Hindi dubbed movies of Vijay.

1. ‘Vettaikaaran‘ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Dangerous Khiladi 3’


Vettaikaaran (2009) is an Indian Tamil action film directed by B. Babusivan that stars Vijay and Anushka Shetty. It was an above average movie and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Dangerous Khiladi 3’.

Plot: Ravi, who aspires to become a police officer, often ends up getting into trouble with negative elements. He gets into a serious fight with a kingpin while trying to help his friend Uma.

2. ‘Velayudham’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Super Hero Shahenshah’


Velayudham (2011) is an Indian Tamil-language superhero film written and directed by M. Raja. It stars Vijay with Hansika Motwani as the leads, Abhimanyu SinghGenelia D’Souza, Saranya Mohan and Santhanam in supporting roles. The movie performed above average at the box-office and dubbed into Hindi as ‘Super Hero Shahenshah’.

Plot: A group of Pakistani terrorists kidnap the Home Minister of Tamil Nadu to spread terrorism. A journalist, Bharathi decides to take them on by creating a fictional character called Velayudham.

3. ‘Kaavalan’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Main Hoon Bodyguard’


Kaavalan (2011) is an Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film written and directed by Siddique, starring Vijay and Asin in the lead roles. This movie was a hit and also dubbed in Hindi as ‘Main Hoon Bodyguard’.

Plot: Bhoomi highly respects Muthuramalingam and his daughter Meera. While appointed as Meera’s bodyguard, he falls in love with a girl he has never met, unaware that she is none other than Meera.

4. ‘Azhagiya Tamil Magan’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Sabse Bada Khiladi’

Azhagiya Tamil Magan

Azhagiya Tamil Magan (2007) is a Tamil romantic psychological thriller film directed by Bharathan. The film stars Vijay in a dual role while Shriya SaranNamitha, and N. Santhanam play supporting roles. The film was an utter flop and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Sabse Bada Khiladi’.

Plot: Guru is an MBA student who is diagnosed with ESP. Since all his visions come true, he runs away to Mumbai when he sees himself stabbing his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he has a lookalike who’s a crook.

5. ‘Thalaivaa’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Thalaivaa — The Leader’


Thalaivaa (2013) is an Indian Tamil-language gangster drama thriller film written and directed by A. L. Vijay. It stars Vijay, Amala Paul, and Abhimanyu Singh, with Sathyaraj and Santhanam in supporting roles. The film remained above average at the box-office and dubbed into Hindi as ‘Thalaivaa — The Leader’.

Plot: Vishwa is a dancer in Sydney and runs a small business. He is unaware that his father is a gangster in Mumbai. When Vishwa visits India to seek his blessings for marriage, his life turns upside down.

6. ‘Sachein’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ghamandee’


Sachein (2005) is a Tamil romantic comedy film directed by John Mahendran, starring Vijay and Genelia D’Souza, Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu with Vadivelu, Santhanam and Raghuvaran appearing in supporting roles. The movie was declared as a commercial hit at the box office and was dubbed in Hindi under the title ‘Ghamandee’.

Plot: A love triangle on a college campus between two young students who try to deny their feelings for each other. The entry of a lecturer who has a soft corner for the boy changes things around.

7. ‘Thuppakki ‘ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Indian Soldier Never on Holiday’


Thuppakki (2012) is an Indian Tamil-language action film written and directed by AR Murugadoss. It features Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles, Vidyut Jammwal as the antagonist, as well as Jayaram and Sathyan in supporting roles. The film was a hit and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Indian Soldier Never on Holiday’.

Plot: An army captain visits Mumbai to be with his family and find a suitable bride. However, an explosion in the city sets him off on a mission to find and disable a terrorist sleeper cell in the city.

8. ‘Kuruvi’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Baazigar’


Kuruvi (2008) is a Tamil action film written and directed by Dharani. The movie stars Vijay, Trisha, and Suman in the lead roles. Vivek, Ashish Vidyarthi, Manivannan and Malavika played other roles in the movie. This movie was an average and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Baazigar’.

Plot: A son sets out to look for the man responsible for his father’s disappearance, which is connected to a stolen diamond. Eventually, he steals the villain’s diamond and also runs away with his sister.

9. ‘Coimbatore Mappillai’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Rampuri Damaad’

Coimbatore Mappillai

Coimbatore Mappillai (1996) is a Tamil romantic drama film directed by C. Ranganathan. It stars Vijay and Sanghavi in lead roles. This movie got positive reviews and was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Rampuri Damaad’.

Plot: Balu comes to the city and stays with his friend. He falls in love with Sumithra, his landlord. But her evil cousin Mahesh, who has an eye on her, creates a rift between them.

10. ‘Villu’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Aur Jaanbaaz Khiladi


Villu (2009) is an Indian Tamil action masala film written and directed by Prabhu Deva. The film stars Nayantara, Vijay in a dual role while Ranjitha and Prakash Raj play other prominent roles. Manoj K. Jayan, Vadivelu, Adithya, and Geetha play supporting roles. The film received negative reviews and was an utter flop. It was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Aur Jaanbaaz Khiladi’.

Plot: A son decides to avenge his father, an army officer, who was falsely framed and killed by three corrupt officers. Fatefully, he also ends up falling in love with the daughter of one of the killers.

 11. ‘Sivakasi’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Virasat Ki Jung’


Sivakasi (2005) is a Tamil action film directed by Perarasu, starring Vijay, Asin and Prakash Raj in lead roles. The film received positive reviews from the critics and was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Virasat Ki Jung’.

Plot: After facing the consequences of his brother’s misdoings, Muthappa changes his identity and plans to start afresh. But the girl he loves refuses to marry him until he returns home and redeems himself.

 12. ‘Madurey’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Sarfarosh Dobaara’


Madhurey (2004) is a Tamil action film directed by Ramana Madesh.It starred Vijay and Pasupathy in lead roles. Sonia Agarwal, Rakshitha and Tejashree, and Vadivelu in supporting roles. The movie was a blockbuster and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Sarfarosh Dobaara’.

Plot: Madhuravel, a district collector, decides to rid the city of criminals but is forced to go underground when framed for murder. Will he be able to pin down the real killer and clear his name?

13. ‘Thamizhan’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Gundaraaj 2’


Thamizhan (2002) is a Tamil action political film directed by debutant Majith. The film stars Vijay in the lead role with Priyanka Chopra. Revathi, Nassar, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Vivek also play pivotal roles in the film. It was declared as hit at the box office and was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Gundaraaj 2’.

Plot: Surya is an honest lawyer who believes in law and legality. In his fight for justice, he loses his sister and her lawyer husband too but continues nevertheless.

14. ‘Vaseegara’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Aur Loafer’


Vaseegara (2003) is a Tamil romantic comedy film directed by K. Selva Bharathy. The film featured Vijay and Sneha in the leading roles, while Vadivelu, Nassar, and Manivannan played other pivotal roles. The film received positive reviews and was a commercial hit. It was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Aur Loafer’.

Plot: Bhupathi in search of a job goes to the city and moves into the house of his father’s friend, Viswanath. He gets close to the family and falls in love with Viswanath’s daughter, who is already engaged.

15. ‘Senthoorapandi‘ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Thakur Bhavani Singh’


Senthoorapandi (1993) is a Tamil action-romance film directed by S. A. Chandrasekhar. The film stars Vijay and Yuvarani in the lead while Vijayakanth does a titular role. The movie was a hit and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Thakur Bhavani Singh’.

Plot: Vijay falls in love with Meena. But Meena’s brother opposes their marriage due to the rivalry between both the families. Sendoorapandi returns from jail and tries to help his brother to win his love.

16. ‘Jilla’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Policewala Gunda 2’


Jilla (2014) is an Indian Tamil-language crime-drama film written and directed by R. T. Neason. It stars Mohanlal, Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal in lead roles as well as Soori, Mahat Raghavendra and Sampath Raj in supporting roles. It was a hit movie and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Policewala Gunda 2’.

Plot: Sivan, a Madurai-based gangster, adopts Shakthi, his slain driver’s son. Shakthi, who witnesses his father being killed by a police officer, decides to avenge his father’s death with Sivan’s support.

17. ‘Priyamaanavale‘ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Dil Ki Baat’


Priyamaanavale (2000) is a Tamil romance film written and directed by K. Selva Bharathy. The film has Vijay and Simran playing the lead roles, with S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Vivek and Radhika Chaudhari in supporting roles. The film received positive reviews and was declared a blockbuster. It was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Dil Ki Baat’.

Plot: Vijay has no faith in marriage. However, on his father’s insistence, he marries Priya but lays down a condition wherein at the end of the year he will decide whether to continue their marriage or not.

18. ‘Thirupaachi’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Insaaf Ki Talwar’


Thirupaachi (2005) is a Tamil-language action film written and directed by Perarasu. The film stars Vijay, Trisha, and Mallika in the lead roles, with Livingston, Pasupathy, Benjamin, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vaiyapuri and Manoj K. Jayan in other roles. The movie was a super hit and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Insaaf Ki Talwar’.

Plot: Sivagiri, a blacksmith from a village, visits Chennai to meet his sister and her husband. When he sees the city is not a safe residence for commoners, he takes the matter into his own hands.

 19. ‘Nilaave Vaa’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Aur Sikander’ 

Nilaave Vaa

Nilaave Vaa (1998) is a Tamil romance film directed by A Venkatesh. The film stars Vijay and Suvalakshmi in the main lead roles, while Sanghavi, Raghuvaran, and Manivannan play other supporting roles. The film was an average at the box office and was later dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Aur Sikander’.

Plot: Siluvai, a Christian boy falls in love with Sangeetha a Hindu girl who is engaged to Raghuvaran. Her father doesn’t want to accept the Hindu-Christian marriage. However, Raghuvaran unites them.

20. ‘Theri’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Theri’ 


Theri (2016) is an Indian Tamil-language action thriller film written and directed by Atlee. The film features Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Amy Jackson in the lead roles, while Mahendran, Prabhu and Raadhika Sarathkumar amongst others form an ensemble cast. The film was blockbuster at the box-office and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Theri’.

Plot: Concealing his identity, DCP Vijaya Kumar goes into self-inflicted exile to bring up his daughter. However, when her life is threatened by some goons, he has to settle an old score with a politician.

21. ‘Youth’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Youth’


Youth (2002) is a Tamil romance film directed by Vincent Selva. Starring Vijay and Shaheen Khan appeared in the lead roles while Yugendran, Vivek, Manivannan and Sindhu Menon play other pivotal characters. The film was hit at box office. The film was dubbed in Hindi with the same title ‘Youth’.

Plot: Aruna dumps Shiva on their wedding day. He moves to another town and falls for Sandhya. But, she does not love Shiva and gets engaged to Pratap. Aruna returns to his life and brings a few surprises.

22. ‘Puli’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Puli’


Puli (2015) is an Indian Tamil fantasy-adventure film written and directed by Chimbu Deven. The film features Vijay in a dual role alongside Shruti Haasan, Hansika Motwani, and SrideviSudeep features as the main antagonist of the film including Prabhu and Nandita Swetha in supporting roles. The film was a flop and dubbed into Hind the with same name ‘Puli’.

Plot: Maru Dheeran’s quest to bring back Pavazhamani who has been kidnapped by the Vedhalams, a group that possesses mystical powers, pits him against Yavanarani, a sorceress, and her aide Jalatharangan.

23. ‘Aathi‘ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Adi Narayan’


Aathi (2006) is a Tamil action film directed by Ramana, starring Vijay and Trisha in the lead roles. The movie was a disaster at the box office and was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Adi Narayan’.

Plot: Against the wishes of his foster parents, Aadhi joins the college in Chennai. In fact, he is looking to avenge the murder of his biological parents. He meets and falls for Anjali, who too has an agenda.

24. ‘Pudhiya Geethai’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Dumdaar The Powerful

Pudhiya Geethai

Pudhiya Geethai (2003) is a Tamil action-drama film written and directed by K.P. Jagan, starring Vijay, Meera Jasmine and Ameesha Patel in lead roles. The movie was a flop at the box-office and was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Dumdaar The Powerful’.

Plot: Sarathy is a brilliant and carefree young man who is unaware that an astrologer has predicted his death at the age of 27. Eventually, he comes to loggerheads with Reddiar over a land deal gone bad.

25. ‘Ghilli’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Keertimaan’   


Ghilli (2004) is an Indian Tamil-language action film directed by Dharani. The film features Vijay and Trisha in lead roles with Ashish Vidyarthi, Dhamu, Prakash Raj, Mayilsamy and Janaki Sabesh playing supporting roles. It was a super hit movie and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Keertimaan’.

Plot: Velu, an aspiring Kabaddi player, is in Madurai to participate in one of the regional matches when he rescues Dhanalakshmi from Muthupandi, a powerful man keen on marrying the girl against her wishes.