Misha Kapoor Photos, Date of Birth & More

If 7 July 2015, the marriage date of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput, was the most awaited event of Bollywood in recent times, then their announcement to be parents in early 2016 made everyone count down the days till the baby arrives.

Mira Rajput during her pregnancy

The wait finally ended on 26 August 2016, as Shahid broke the good news on Twitter that he has become the father of a ‘baby girl’, and then what, the media was struggling to get a picture of the baby girl.

Shahid Kapoor's tweet after the birth of Misha

November 2016: 

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput with Misha Kapoor in November 2016

Shahid and wife Mira named their daughter ‘Misha’ after mixing (Mi)ra and (Sha)hid, which is indeed adorable and coincidently means ‘God-like’ in the Russian language.

For the early few weeks, Shahid didn’t allow the media to capture even the slightest glimpse of his daughter as he was very protective of his daughter and also because he wanted his daughter to enjoy life like a normal child. And finally, the wait to see Misha ended in February 2017, when Shahid revealed Misha’s first image with Mira Rajput on Instagram.

Misha Kapoor's first pic with her mother Mira Rajput

March 2017:

Misha Kapoor in March 2017

April 2017:

Misha Kapoor with Shahid Kapoor in April 2017

May 2017:

Misha Kapoor with Shahid Kapoor in May 2017

June 2017:

Misha Kapoor with Shahid Kapoor in June 2017

July 2017:

Misha Rajput in July 2017

August 2017:

Misha Rajput in August 2017