MS Dhoni Workout And Diet Routine

MS Dhoni Exercise

MS Dhoni is captain cool for numerous reasons, but it is his healthy lifestyle that has the most positive influence on him. It takes complete perseverance and dedication to make your way to the top, and MS Dhoni is one of the finest living examples. Dhoni has always been into sports since he was a child. He started playing football and badminton at a very young age before he committed all his time to cricket. So fitness and work out has always been a part of his life.

Workout Routine

MS Dhoni Workout

The entire cricket team comes together to practice and exercise during the matches for approximately 4 hours. The team starts with basic warmup exercises like running. The four hours are divided into batting, bowling and fielding practice for different format players.

Practice is the key to succeeding which is why Dhoni is so good at his game and extremely calm during the matches. He shared, “That is how I keep myself calm under pressure, and practice is something that gives you the confidence as to what needs to be done under pressure. You may not win ten out of ten games, but when you practice the right way, and you have been in these kinds of situations for some time, you know how to get out of it.”

Besides his regular practice, he dedicates 1-2 hours to the gym. He has also shared his work out routine details with his fans through social media.

MS Dhoni Workout And Diet

Take a look –

Gym Exercises:

  • Lunges With Dumbbells

Dhoni Workout Lunges With Dumbbells

  • Machine Chest Press

Dhoni Workout Machine Chest Press

  • V Grip Pull Down

Dhoni Workout V Grip Pull Down

  • Dumbbell Chest Press

Dhoni Workout Dumbbell Chest Press

  • Lateral Pull Down

Dhoni Workout Lateral Pull Down

  • Dumbbell Rowing

Dhoni Workout Dumbbell Rowing

  • Dumbbell Curls

Dhoni Workout Dumbbell Curls

  • One Leg Deadlifts

Dhoni Workout One Leg Deadlifts

  • Reverse Lunges

Dhoni Workout Reverse Lunges

Diet Plan

MS Dhoni Fitness

Dhoni simply eats regular Indian food as a part of his meals. It is easier to eat healthily and stay in shape instead of striving to burn fat accumulated due to fried food and junk. You should simply avoid eating unhealthy food items if fitness is important.

A balance of all nutrients is also very important in your meals. Excess of protein and shortage of carbohydrates is bad. You should have a regular amount of each. Carbohydrates give you the energy to work out, and proteins help you build your muscles strong. However, stay as far away as you can from unhealthy fats.

Fresh fruits and salad should be an essential part of our day’s meals. They have maximum nutrients in them. They keep your body strong and energized throughout the day. Also, milk and milk products are the best source of calcium and must be taken daily.

MS Dhoni Workout Leg Calf Muscle

Here’s a glimpse at Dhoni’s everyday meals –

Breakfast: Cereal, Porridge, fresh fruits and nuts, eggs, milk, and juice

Pre-Workout Snack: Protein shake or fresh fruit juice

Lunch: Protein-rich diet constituting chicken, pulses, vegetables, rice, chapatti, curd, and salad

Evening Meal: Chicken Sandwich and Yogurt, Fresh juice

Remember, do not take snack breaks during the day, it is an extremely unhealthy habit. You are providing your body with unnecessary calories which can be easily avoided. If you feel really hungry, go for some fresh fruits or milk, they make you feel full faster and are also a healthier option.