Padmavathi Ammal (M. Karunanidhi’s First Wife)

Padmavathi Ammal

  • Padmavathi Ammal was the first wife of M. Karunanidhi, DMK Chief and five-time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. [1]Outlook
  • After her death in 1944, it took Karunanidhi much time to recover from mourning. [2]Outlook
  • After Padmavathi’s death, it took Karunanidhi four years to marry Dayalu Ammal; Karunanidhi’s second wife. [3]Outlook
  • When Padmavathi died in 1944, she had left behind a son M. K. Muthu.
    Padmavathi Ammal' Son M. K. Muthu

    Padmavathi Ammal’ Son M. K. Muthu


  • Her son, M. K. Muthu, became a singer-actor who later defected to the AIADMK. [5]Outlook