Rohman Shawl and Sushmita Sen: FAQs

Rohman Shawl With Sushmita Sen

Who is Rohman Shawl?

– Rohman Shawl is a freelance fashion model who mainly works in Mumbai. For more details about him, read this: Rohman Shawl Profile

Is Rohman Shawl a Muslim? or Rohman Shawl is a Hindu or a Muslim?

– Rohman Shawl is a Muslim.

Is Rohman Shawl an Indian?

– Yes, Rohman Shawl is an Indian.

Is Rohman Shawl a Kashmiri? or Where is Rohman Shawl From? or Rohman Shawl is from which state? or Rohman Shawl Origin?

– Rohman was born and raised in Noida, Uttar Pradesh but he has his roots in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. So yes, he is a Kashmiri Muslim.

How old is Rohman Shawl?

– Rohman is 27-years-old.

What is the age difference between Rohman Shawl and Sushmita Sen?

– They have an age difference of 15-years. Sushmita is 43-years-old while Rohman is 27.

Where did Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl meet for the first time?

– Rohman and Sushmita first met at Neeta Lulla’s fashion show in Mumbai in 2018.

Is Sushmita Sen Married?

– No, she has never been married.

Are Rohman Shawl and Sushmita Sen getting married?

– According to media reports, Sushmita has accepted Rohman’s marriage proposal and the couple is set to tie the knot in early 2019.