Vedant Agarwal (Porsche Case) Age, Family, Biography

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Father: Vishal Agarwal
Age: 17 Years
Hometown: Pune

Full NameVedant Vishal Agarwal
Known forPune accident with Porsche car
Personal Life
Age (as of 2024)17 Years
BirthplacePune, Maharashtra, India
Educational Qualification12th
ParentsFather- Vishal Agarwal (businessman)
Vishal Agarwal
Mother- Shivani Agarwal
Shivani Agarwal, mother of Vedant Agarwal
Other RelativesPaternal Grandfather- Surenderkumar Agarwal (businessman)
Vedant Agarwal's grandfather, Surinderkumar Agarwal
Paternal Great-Grandfather- Bramhadutt Agarwal (businessman)

Some Lesser Known Facts About Vedant Agarwal

  • Vedant Agarwal was born into a rich family of real estate developers and several other businesses.
  • He came into the headlines in May 2024 after it was alleged that he hit two people travelling on a motorcycle while driving a Porsche car under the influence of alcohol. According to eyewitnesses, Vedant was drunk at that time.
  • On 19 May 2024, around 2:30 am, he allegedly drove the Porsche Taycan car at a high speed of 150 kph near Landmark Society in Kalyaninagar, Pune where it met with an accident.

    Vedant Agarwal's Porsche Taycan car after the accident

    Vedant Agarwal’s Porsche Taycan car after the accident

  • Two IT professionals named Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta who died on the spot were 24 years old and belonged to Madhya Pradesh. They were returning after eating out at a restaurant.
    Aneesh Awadhiya, one of the victims of Pune accident

    Aneesh Awadhiya, one of the victims of the Pune accident

    Ashwini Koshta, one of the victims of Pune accident

    Ashwini Koshta, one of the victims of the Pune accident

  • An FIR number 0306 was filed in the Yerwada police station in Pune by Aqib Ramjan Mulla, a friend of Awadhiya, on 19 May 2024. H was charged under sections 279, 304-A, 337, 338, and 427 of IPC section 1860 and sections 119, 177, and 184 of Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Act 1989.

    FIR against Vedant Agarwal

    FIR against Vedant Agarwal

  • People present on the spot damaged Vedant’s car and also beat him up before police officials reached the scene.

    A photo of people present on accident site beating Vedant Agarwal

    A photo of people present on the accident site beating Vedant Agarwal

  • Later, a video went viral that showed Vedant with a group of friends drinking vodka, beer, and alcohol at Cosie bar which was later seized by authorities. He also did not have a driving licence at that time.
  • Police investigations later revealed that a driver and two friends of Vedant were also sitting inside the car. Vedant took the car keys from the driver and told him that he would drive the car himself.
  • The car model, Porsche Taycan, an electric car worth over Rs 1 crore did not have any number plate and was not registered as Vishal Agarwal had not paid Rs 1758 registration fee.
  • There were rumours that Vedant Agarwal was served pizza by the police officials when he was taken to the Yerwada police station.
  • It was also reported that Sunil Tingre, Wadgaon MLA and member of NCP (Ajit Pawar) also went to the police station and ensured that good treatment was given to Vedant Agarwal.

    A photo of Sunil Tingre

    A photo of Sunil Tingre

  • On 20 May 2024, the Juvenile Justice Board (JJP) gave bail to Vedant on the condition that he should write a 300-word essay on ‘the effects of road accidents’ and attend a 15-day road safety course with traffic authorities.
  • Social media users started criticising the Pune Police action and the bail conditions set by JJP after which then-Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, did a press conference and said that proper action would be taken against Vedant.
  • On 22 May 2024, JJP changed his bail conditions and sent him to the Observation home till 5 June 2024.
  • Vedant’s lawyer, Prashant Patil, later revealed additional terms of his bail and said his parents would be allowed to meet him twice a week for one hour. He also revealed that Vedant may be suffering from depression.

    Prashant Patil, Vedant Agarwal's lawyer

    Prashant Patil, Vedant Agarwal’s lawyer

  • On 23 May 2024, his father, Vishal Agarwal, was also arrested and sentenced to remand till 24 May 2024.
  • Many social organisations requested the Maharashtra government to conduct a trial against Vedant Agarwal as an adult as he purposefully committed the crimes.
  • Sonali Tanpure, the wife of the Nationalist Congress Party (SP) MLA and former Maharashtra minister Prajakt Tanpure, claimed on 22 May 2024 that Vedant Agarwal was a bully who used to harass her son when they were studying in the same class at a school in Pune.

    Prajakt Tanpure with his wife, Sonali Tanpure

    Prajakt Tanpure with his wife, Sonali Tanpure

  • She claimed that she approached Vedant’s parents with a request to pay attention to their son’s activities but Vedant’s parents did not listen to her. She had to change her son’s school to save him from bullying.
  • Ashwini Koshta’s mother, Mamta Koshta, and brother, Samprit Koshta, said that she was an independent and responsible girl who took care of her family and requested the police to take strict action against Vedant.

    Mamta Koshta, Ashwini Koshta's mother

    Mamta Koshta, Ashwini Koshta’s mother

  • Aneesh Awadhiya’s mother, Savita Awadhiya, and father, Om Awadhiya, said that Aneesh was staying with his younger brother in Pune and wanted to pursue an MBA.

    Aneesh Awadhiya's mother, Savita Awadhiya

    Aneesh Awadhiya’s mother, Savita Awadhiya

  • While many social media users praised Pune Police for taking action, many others complained that no action would be taken against Vedant as he was rich, and he would walk out free from the case.

  • On 23 May 2024, his grandfather, Surenderkumar Agarwal, was also questioned by police. It was also reported that Agarwal was also named in a CBI case for paying supari (contract money) to Chhota Rajan‘s gang.

    Vedant Agarwal's grandfather, Surinderkumar Agarwal, being taken to police custody

    Vedant Agarwal’s grandfather, Surinderkumar Agarwal, being taken to police custody

  • The police claimed that Vedant’s father and grandfather put pressure on the family’s driver to take the blame for the accident by offering him money and giving threats to him. Both confiscated the driver’s phone and confined him at their bungalow.
  • The police later booked his father, Vishal Agarwal, and grandfather under Indian Penal Code sections 365 (kidnapping) and 368 (wrongfully concealing or keeping in confinement).
  • On 27 May 2024, the Pune police claimed that the teen driver’s blood sample was replaced, and they arrested two doctors of the Sassoon General Hospital for alleged manipulation of blood samples and destruction of evidence.
  • The arrested doctors were Dr. Ajay Taware and Shrihari Harnor. According to Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, the juvenile’s father had called Dr. Taware to replace blood samples. Amitesh Kumar said that CMO Srihari Harnor threw the blood sample in a dustbin of the hospital and sent the blood of another person to the forensic lab on the instructions of the HOD forensic medicine department of Sassoon, Ajay Tawre.
  • On 1 June 2024, the Pune police arrested his mother, Shivani Agarwal, who was accused of swapping her blood sample to prove that her son wasn’t drunk when the accident occurred.
  • On 25 June 2024, the Bombay High Court passed an order to release him after the minor’s aunt filed a habeas corpus petition. The high court declared his remand orders as illegal.