List of Hindi Dubbed Movies of Nayantara (23)

Hindi Dubbed Movies of Nayantara

Nayantara is the most famous and successful actress of South Indian film industry. The stunning actress has given her best performance in many of her super hit films. She is also one of the highest earning actresses in South Indian Cinema. Check out the list of Hindi dubbed movies of Nayantara.

1. Aadhavan’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Dildaar – The Arya’


Aadhavan (2009) is a Tamil action-comedy film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. The film features Suriya and Nayantara in the lead roles, with Murali, Ramesh Khanna, Rahul Dev, etc. in its supporting cast. The film performed well at the box-office and was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Dildaar – The Arya’.

Plot: A killer hired to kill a judge fails in his attempt. He then enters the house and wins over the family’s love. Once when he’s almost caught, he lies to the family that he’s the judge’s long-lost son.

2. ‘Adhurs’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Judwaa No.1’


Adhurs (2010) is a Telugu action drama film directed by V.V. Vinayak. The film stars NTR Jr. in a dual-role, and Nayantara and Sheela as female leads. The film was a hit at the box-office. This movie dubbed in Hindi as ‘Judwaa No.1’.

Plot: Male twins are separated at birth and live their lives in different backgrounds – until one gets abducted.

3. ‘Chandramukhi’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Chandramukhi’


Chandramukhi (2005) is an Indian Tamil-language comedy horror film written and directed by P. Vasu. The film features Rajinikanth, Prabhu, Jyothika, and Nayantara leading an ensemble cast that includes Vadivelu, Nassar, Sheela, Sonu Sood, Vineeth, etc. The film received positive reviews and was a major box office success. It was dubbed in Hindi with the same name Chandramukhi’.

Plot: Chandramukhi’s plot revolves around a woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder that affects a family, and a psychiatrist who intends to solve the case while risking his life.

4. ‘Yogi’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Maa Kasam Badla Lunga’


Yogi (2007) is a Telugu action drama film directed by V.V. Vinayak, which has Prabhas and Nayantara paired up for the first time. The film was a flop and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Maa Kasam Badla Lunga’.

Plot: A mother from a small village searches for her son in Hyderabad; unaware that he has changed his name and is now both a target and a threat for all the gangsters of the city.

5. ‘Dubai Seenu’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Loafer’

Dubai Seenu

Dubai Seenu (2007) is a Telugu comedy film directed by Srinu Vaitla, starring Ravi Teja in the lead role and Nayantara. The film was average and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Loafer’.

Plot: Madhumati’s brother is killed by Jinna, an underworld don. She comes to Mumbai and falls in love with Srinivas. Both of them decide to take revenge against Jinna.

6. ‘Sivakasi’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Virasat Ki Jung’


Sivakasi (2005) is a Tamil action film directed by Perarasu, starring VijayAsin and Prakash Raj in lead roles. Nayantara appeared in a special appearance in a song. The film received positive reviews from the critics and was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Virasat Ki Jung’.

Plot: After facing the consequences of his brother’s misdoings, Muthappa changes his identity and plans to start afresh. But the girl he loves refuses to marry him until he returns home and redeems himself.

7. ‘Kaashmora’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Kaashmora’


Kaashmora (2016) is an Indian Tamil-language action fantasy horror comedy film written and directed by Gokul. It features Karthi, Nayantara and Sri Divya in the lead roles. It was liked by the audience and dubbed into Hindi under the same name ‘Kaashmora’.

Plot: Kaashmora, a con artist, gets locked up with his family inside a bungalow haunted by 14 ghosts and the only way to get out is to fulfill their wishes.

 8. ‘Greeku Veerudu’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘America v/s India’

Greeku Veerudu

Greeku Veerudu (2013) is a Telugu romantic comedy film directed by Dasarath. Starring Nagarjuna Akkineni, Nayantara in the lead roles. It received mixed to positive reviews upon release and dubbed in Hindi as ‘America v/s India’

Plot: An overconfident businessman’s journey of realizing the importance of family and turning from a stud to falling in love.

9. ‘Tulasi’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘The Real Man Hero’


Tulasi (2007) is a Telugu action film directed by Boyapati Srinu. Starring Venkatesh, Nayantara in lead roles. It was a super hit film and dubbed into Hindi as ‘The Real Man Hero’.

Plot: Tulasi gives up violence when his wife disapproves it for the sake of their baby. But an unexpected incident forces him to take up violence as a result of which his wife and baby leave him.

10. ‘Anjaneyulu’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Sher Dil’


Anjaneyulu (2009) is a Telugu action film directed by Parasuram that stars Ravi Teja and Nayantara in the lead roles, while actors Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood play a pivotal role. It was a flop film and dubbed into Hindi as ‘Sher Dil’.

Plot: Anjaneyulu is a reporter at a news channel. His colleague Surya stumbles upon a murder conspiracy related to a mafia don. Soon Anjaneyulu too is involved in a racket between politicians and gangsters.

11. ‘Arrambam’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Player Ek Khiladi’


Arrambam (2013) is an Indian Tamil action film directed by Vishnuvardhan. The film features Ajith Kumar and Nayantara in the lead roles and Arya and Taapsee Pannu in supporting roles. The movie was a super hit and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Player Ek Khiladi’.

Plot: Ashok, an honest officer is on a mission to uncover the scam behind the fraudulent bullet vests supplied by a corrupt politician’s company. Arjun and Maya help Ashok in his quest to expose the scam.

12. ‘Sivaji’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Sivaji The Boss’


Sivaji (2007) is an Indian Tamil-language masala film directed by S. Shankar. Rajinikanth and Shriya Saran play the lead roles. Nayantara in a cameo appearance was in a song. The film became a commercial success worldwide and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Sivaji The Boss’.

Plot: Corrupt police and politicians target a computer engineer for trying to better the lives of less privileged citizens.

13. ‘Super’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Rowdy Leader 2’


Super (2010) is an Indian Kannada drama film written and directed by Upendra. It features Upendra and Nayantara in lead roles. This film was a super hit and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Rowdy Leader 2’.

Plot: An NRI follows love to India and ends up cleaning up the country its politics

14. ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Phir Aaya Deewana’

Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Yaaradi Nee Mohini (2008) is a Tamil family drama film directed by Mithran Jawahar. It starred Venkatesh and Trisha Krishnan with Dhanush, and Nayantara in lead roles. The film was highly successful at the box office and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Phir Aaya Deewana’.

Plot: An unemployed lad lands up in a company inspired by his love, who is already engaged to someone else. Some sudden incidents ruin his life and he again comes across her but refuses to marry her.

15. ‘Simha’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Simha’


Simha (2010) is a Tollywood action film directed by Boyapati Srinu. The film stars Nandamuri Balakrishna as the protagonist with stars Nayantara and Sneha Ullal in the other lead roles. The film was a massive success at the box-office and dubbed in Hindi under the same name Simha’.

Plot: Sriman is a college professor who cannot tolerate injustice. That is how he meets Janaki when he saves her from goons. Soon his grandmother makes some revelations that take him back to his village.

16. ‘Lakshmi’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Meri Taaqat’


Lakshmi (2006) is a Telugu family movie directed by V.V. Vinayak. Starring Venkatesh, Nayantara, Charmme Kaur in the lead roles. The film was super hit a the box-office and dubbed into Hindi as ‘Meri Taaqat’.

Plot: Lakshmi is a caring brother. Things take a turn when his ex-employee, who later becomes a competitor, poisons his brothers against him.

17. ‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Krishna Ka Badla’

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum (2012) is a Telugu action drama film directed by Krish. It features Rana Daggubati and Nayantara in the lead roles. The film was declared a hit at the box-office and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Krishna Ka Badla’.

Plot: Babu arrives in Bellary with his drama troupe and meets journalist Devika, who’s trying to expose an illegal mining scam. Babu’s past connection with Bellary and a powerful play change him forever.

18. ‘Thani Oruvan’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Double Attack 2’

Thani Oruvan

Thani Oruvan (2015) is a Tamil-language crime thriller film directed by Mohan Raja. The film stars Jayam Ravi and Nayanthara. It was a hit film and dubbed into Hindi as ‘Double Attack 2’.

Plot: Siddharth Abimanyu, an influential scientist, is involved in various illegal medical practices. Mithran, an efficient IPS officer, decides to expose him.

19. ‘Babu Bangaram’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Revolver Raja’

Babu Bangaram

Babu Bangaram (2016) is a Telugu action romantic comedy film, written and directed by Maruthi. Starring Venkatesh, Nayanthara in the lead roles. The film was a hit and dubbed into Hindi as ‘Revolver Raja’.

Plot: Krishna, a police officer, helps Sailaja, a woman whose father, Sastry, is on the run and wanted in a murder case, and falls for her. However, his main motive is to use her in order to nab Sastry.

20. ‘Iru Mugan’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘International Rowdy’

Iru Mugan

Iru Mugan (2016) is an Indian Tamil-language science fiction action film written and directed by Anand Shankar. The film stars Vikram in dual roles, Nayantara and Nithya Menen in the lead roles, while Nassar and Riythvika, etc. appear in supporting roles. It was a super hit film and dubbed into Hindi as ‘International Rowdy’.

Plot: Following the attack on the Indian Embassy in Malaysia, Akhilan, an ex-agent, is assigned to track down the culprit. His investigations lead him to his old foe who has now developed a hazardous drug.

21. ‘Boss’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Yeh Kaisa Karz’


Boss (2006) is a Telugu, romantic film directed by V. N. Aditya. Starring Nagarjuna Akkineni, Nayantara, Poonam Bajwa, Shriya Saran in lead roles. The film was an utter flop and dubbed into Hindi as Yeh Kaisa Karz’.

Plot: Anuradha works as a secretary for Gaurav and falls in love with him, but he humiliates her and she resigns. She also finds out that Gaurav is already married to Sanjana who has an agenda of her own.

22. ‘Thaskara Veeran’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Kala Samrajya’

Thaskara Veeran

Thaskara Veeran (2005) is a Malayalam film directed by Pramod Pappan. The film stars Mammootty, Nayantara, and Sheela in lead roles. It was a flop film and dubbed in Hindi as called ‘Kala Samrajya’.

Plot: Kuttappan’s teenage son, Kochu, leaves town after he witnesses Ipachchan committing a crime. Years later, Kochu returns as an underworld don and Ipachchan worries about losing his wealth.

23. ‘Sathyam’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘The Return Of Khakee’


Sathyam (2008) is a Tamil-Telugu bilingual action film written and directed by A. Rajasekhar. The film stars Vishal and Nayantara plays the female lead role. It received failure at the box-office and dubbed in Hindi as ‘The Return Of Khakee’.

Plot: Sathyam, a cop, doesn’t believe in finishing criminals in fake encounters but in a judicial way. A powerful politician hires an assassin to get rid of his competitors. Sathyam is assigned to the case.