List of Hindi Dubbed Movies of Prithviraj Sukumaran (12)

Hindi Dubbed Movies of Prithviraj Sukumaran

The dashing actor Prithviraj Sukumaran is a well-known actor of Malayalam cinema. He is the youngest actor who broke the record of Mohanlal by receiving the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor, which was held by Mohanlal for about 20 years. Prithviraj has worked in many languages such as Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. Check out the list of Hindi dubbed movies of Prithviraj Sukumaran.

1. ‘Urumi’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Yodha Shoorveer’


Urumi (2011) is an epic Indian historical drama film directed by Santosh Sivan. It stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Prabhu Deva, Genelia D’SouzaAmol Gupte, Jagathy Sreekumar, Nithya Menon, and Alexx O’Nell in lead roles and features Tabu, Arya and Vidya Balan in extended cameos. The movie broke several records and was the biggest hit of that time. It was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Yodha Shoorveer’.

Plot: Kelu is a warrior in 16th century Kerala whose father was killed by Vasco da Gama and his troops. Kelu vows to avenge his father’s death with the assistance of Vavvali and Ayesha, a warrior princess.

2. ‘Masters’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Masters’


Masters (2012) is a Malayalam action thriller film directed by Johny Antony and starring Prithviraj, Mukesh and Sasikumar in the lead roles. It was an above average film and dubbed in Hindi as Masters’.

Plot: Milan Paul and Sreeramakrishnan are very good friends and always help each other. They soon try to unravel the mystery behind a series of suicide-murders.

3. ‘Anwar’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Diler Hindustani’


Anwar (2010) is a Malayalam action thriller film written and directed by Amal Neerad, starring Prithviraj in the title role. The film was a hit and dubbed into Hindi as ‘Diler Hindustani’.

Plot: Circumstances force Anwar to join a terrorist gang and he soon becomes their most trusted man and is assigned to plant bombs across Mumbai. At this moment Anwar decides to reveal his actual intention.

4. ‘Pokkiri Raja’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Boss The Raja’

Pokkiri Raja

Pokkiri Raja (2010) is a Malayalam action masala film starring Mammootty in the title role along with Prithviraj and Shriya Saran in supporting roles. The film was a flop and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Ek Boss The Raja’.

Plot: Raja takes the blame for a murder committed by his father and goes to prison. When he gets released, his father does not accept him, which makes him flee the city. But fate plays otherwise.

5. ‘The Thriller’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘The Thriller’

The Thriller

The Thriller (2010) is an Indian Malayalam thriller film written and directed by B. Unnikrishnan. It stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Katherine Theresa, Lalu Alex and Sampath Raj in pivotal roles. The film didn’t perform well at the box-office and dubbed in Hindi as ‘The Thriller’.

Plot: A rich businessman is found murdered under mysterious circumstances. A young investigative officer, DCP Niranjan, is put in charge of the case. The main suspect is a don based in Dubai.

6. ‘Thanthonni’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Dushmanon Ka Dushman’


Thanthonni (2010) is a Malayalam action-drama film directed by George Varghese. It stars Prithviraj and Sheela in the lead roles. The movie was a flop and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Dushmanon Ka Dushman’.

Plot: Kochu is the spoilt brat from a wealthy family who leaves home after a tiff. When the time comes to divide the wealth among all heirs, he returns for his share and to get some answers from his uncles.

7. ‘Vellinakshatram‘ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Tantra Mantra’


Vellinakshatram (2004) is a Malayalam comedy horror film directed by Vinayan. Starring Taruni Sachdev, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Meenakshi, Karthika Mathew, Jagadeesh, and Siddique. The film was a commercial success dubbed in Hindi under the title ‘Tantra Mantra’.

Plot: A man loves a woman who belongs to a royal family whose members are hiding some dark secrets. When her mother opposes their marriage, they elope, get married, have a child and make up with her family.

8. ‘Kana Kandaen’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Muqabala’

Kana Kandaen

Kana Kandaen (2005) is a Tamil film dramatic thriller film directed by K. V. Anand, and starring Srikanth, Prithviraj, Gopika and Vivek. It was above average and dubbed into Hindi as ‘Muqabala’.

Plot: Bhaskar, a researcher comes up with a prototype to solve the water problem in Chennai. The government thwarts his plans and he decides to set up his own project. Will Bhasker succeed in his plan?

9. ‘Arjunan Saakshi‘ dubbed in Hindi asArjunan Saakshi’

Arjunan Saakshi

Arjunan Saakshi (2011) is a Malayalam mystery thriller film written and directed by Ranjith Sankar. It stars Prithviraj and Ann Augustine in the lead roles. The film was a failure at the box office and was dubbed in Hindi with the same name Arjunan Saakshi.

Plot: Roy, a young architect, comes to Cochin to start his life afresh. He is mistaken as a witness of a crime involving an affluent industrialist and finds that his life is in danger.

10. ‘Anandabhadram’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Phir Wohi Darr’ 


Anandabhadram (2005) is a Malayalam dark fantasy film directed by Santosh Sivan and actress Riya Sen. Starring Prithviraj, Manoj K Jayan with supporting cast. The film was a hit and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Phir Wohi Darr’. 

Plot: To fulfil his mother’s last wish, Ananthan visits an ancient Lord Shiva temple in his ancestral village to procure a precious jewel. However, an evil black magician, Digambaran, stands in his way.

11. ‘City Of God’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘City Of God’

City Of God

City of God (2011) is an Indian crime thriller film directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery. It stars Indrajith, Prithviraj, Rajeev Pillai, Rima Kallingal and Swetha Menon. It was a flop film and dubbed in Hindi with the same name ‘City Of God’.

Plot: The story revolves around four families who end up meeting each other due to a series of strange incidents. However, the families share a common platform which is explored in the city of Cochin.

12. ‘Kaakki’ dubbed in Hindi as ‘Khaki Vardi’

Khaki Vardi

Kaakki (2007) is an Indian Malayalam action-drama film directed by Bibin Prabhakar, starring Prithviraj and Mukesh in the lead roles. The movie was a flop and dubbed in Hindi as ‘Khaki Vardi’.

Plot: Unnikrishnan and Ramakrishnan are brothers who are in the police department. When Unnikrishnan, who is a smart cop, locks horns with criminal influential people, his brother tries to protect him.