Magical Love Story of Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Love

Every fairy tale love starts with a dance and so does his. Remember the tale of Cinderella and how her love story started with the Prince. Well, here the love tale is of King Khan of the Bollywood, he’s the prince and Gauri, the Cinderella. So, it all started when they were in their teens. It is really heart filling to see that both are still together even after being in an industry where people change every day. Many relations in the Bollywood industry have failed to maintain the charm for long but their relationship has survived all the test of times. Hence, they are termed as one of the most stable and inspiring couples of Bollywood. Well, the magical love story of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri is worth telling.

Outset of a fairy tale

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri

Yes! It all started at a party where Shah Rukh asked his Cinderella to dance with him. It is known that Gauri turned down the request to dancing saying she’s waiting for her boyfriend. Yes, king khan broke for a moment when he saw Gauri with a handsome guy in the party. Later, when he got to know that there was no boyfriend and he was her brother, he jumped on the ninth cloud. He even called Gauri to say that she can take him as his brother too.

Relationship troubles

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Relationship

No love story is easy and neither was theirs. The romantic tale of superstar started after Shah Rukh Khan laid his eyes on Gauri Chibber in that common friend’s party in 1984. They started dating after the party and in a couple of days, Gauri fell for Shah Rukh Khan’s witty, humorous and confident style. The dates they had, the gifts and the time spent together bloomed into a really good relationship. Both were happy together but then things just can’t always run smooth. The two young lovebirds soon started to drift.

There were many reasons and the one that topped the list was that Shah Rukh was really possessive about Gauri. He used to get upset if she talked to other men. He asked her not to keep her hair open. No girl can take all the restrictions even if it comes from the one she loves. So, this was the time when Gauri realised that she needed a break, break from the restrictions and her possessive boyfriend and ultimately from the relationship. Therefore, just the day after she celebrated her birthday with Shah Rukh with all the delicacies she left for Mumbai without even telling him. Her friends were along too.

The dawn of “True Love”

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Love Affair

This was the incident after which King Khan realised that he has totally fallen for Gauri and that he cannot live without her. Shah Rukh was really close to his mother and thus he spoke his heart out with her. He told everything that had happened and asked for some advice from his mother. Well, won’t you agree that solution to every problem lies with mothers? Shah Rukh did receive a solution from his mother. His mother asked him to get up and go behind his love, she asked him to go find his love and bring her back. She also gave him an amount of ten thousand to help.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Love Life

We have heard Shah Rukh telling that he took his friends to Mumbai and together they searched each and every corner of the city. Shah Rukh saw Gauri at a beach, they both laid their eyes on each other and came running to hug and shed tears of happiness. They both broke down in each other’s arms and decided to never part their ways ever again. Wasn’t it filmy? Well, the actual, the real drama began from here, when they decided to get married and live together.

Family challenges came to light

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Love Story

In India, how can a love story be complete without the religion issue and the family drama? Since Gauri was from a pure Hindu Brahmin family they had to go through a lot to make her parents agree to marry a Muslim guy. Gauri’s father was so religious that they even had a temple in their house and that they were totally vegetarian. It was nearly impossible to make him agree upon marrying a man out of the religion, a man who is a complete chicken lover and a man who is not even settled. Not only Shah Rukh but even Gauri was far too immature to take a decision of getting married, in the eyes of her father. From hiding their relationship for years to even changing his name to present himself as a Hindu boy to her parents, to impress them, they have done it all to convince her parents about their love and its dept.

Ultimately their love won

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Marriage

They faced a lot to be together and in the end finally, he was able to get Gauri’s hand in the year 1991. With everyone’s blessings, they got married on 25th of October. The marriage was performed with all the Hindu marriage ceremonies, said King Khan in an interview. Today, even after twenty-five years of their marriage, the couple still seems to be madly in love with one another.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Family

They have three purest signs of their love, their three kids, Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. They both respect each other’s religion and even follow them at home. King Khan believes that there’s only one girl for her and she’s his crush, his beloved, his lover, his wife Gauri Khan. He believes and says that she’s a complete magic in her own way!