Salman Khan’s Diet & Workout Plan

Salman Khan, the actor, the film personality and the producer, is not only known for the controversies, but also all those kind deeds that he has always been doing for the human race. With the introduction of his ‘Being Human’ brand and charity activities, he has won the hearts of millions, not only in his home country, but also internationally. Despite his messed personal life and disputes with the reporters of media, he is adored by his fans; he is an idol to many men and a heartthrob to the women.

Salman Khan Diet and Workout

Salman Khan’s Diet Plan

Salman’s well-built body has always been in the limelight of media. Let us find out what he eats to keep himself balanced enough:

  • In an official interview, Salman has clearly mentioned that he believes in eating the right kind of food, so that his body doesn’t have to suffer for something that his tongue adores.
  • Starting with his diet pattern, he consumes a lot of protein-rich and vitamin-rich food.
  • His morning starts with eggs, a good portion of mixed vegetables, regular bread and butter, wheat chapatis and a glass of low fat milk.
  • As he moves to the lunch timing, he prefers filling his stomach with non-vegetarian food. He starts his lunch with a bowl of fruits, moves to fried fish, a good non-veg item with a bowl of fresh salad. Thanks to all those vitamins that he gets from vegetables and fruits, he is able to fight aging!
  • Dinner is a little different for Salman; since he is a hardcore non-vegetarian, he prefers chicken and fish, but with soups prior to consuming his regular dinner. At times, he prefers eating Italian food at night, since he is extremely fond of Italian cuisine.

Salman Khan Diet and Workout

Salman Khan’s Workout Routine

  • Salman doesn’t have an ordinary pattern of working out. Since his body is what has gained him so much of popularity, he believes in a rigorous workout of at least 3 hours every day. He does more than a 1000 push-ups, followed by 1000 sit-ups a day, when he is passionately working out for an upcoming movie’s promo or shooting.
  • As far as cardio exercises are concerned, he doesn’t let his stamina fail him. He is seen jogging or cycling for at least 60 minutes every day. He is also fond of slow walking on his treadmill, whenever he has some free time.
  • There are times when Salman is unable to workout; what he does then is going to surprise you – he is seen cycling to the studio he has to shoot in! There have been a lot of times when he has been caught doing this by the media. His fans move ahead to catch him, but his speed can never be met. He is extremely fond of cycling on the roads, feeling the fresh air banging on the skin of his face.

Salman Khan’s Message For His Followers:

  • Salman says that workout is nothing but 20% of your body; you need to focus more on your diet, if you want to get in shape and maintain it.
  • There is absolutely no need for an individual to starve himself, especially if he works out regularly at the gym or at home. All once needs to do is focus on consuming the right kinds of food and at the right time.
  • If you want to follow the footsteps of Salman, there is just one thing that you need to do – cut off sugar from your diet chart, since he never consumes it in any form! Let oats and almonds be your new best friends; this summer – GO SHIRTLESS like SALMAN!
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