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Justin Bibis
Some Lesser Known Facts About Justin Bibis

  • Justin Bibis is a Pakistani music duo of sisters Saania Tabaydar and Muqqadas Tabaydar, who rose to fame after their singing video of the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber went viral on internet.
  • Saania Tabaydar and Muqqadas Tabaydar, both the sisters. were born in Lahore, Pakistan. They belong to the Sitara-e-Imtiaz awarded  Pakistani folk singer Reshma, and their family originally migrated from Rajasthan. Some of the other relatives of their family are also into the field of singing, including Naseebo Lal, Nooran Lal, and Farah Lal. According to sources, Saania and Muqqadas belongs to a very poor family of Lahore. They have not studied beyond primary school.
  • The sister’s duo was fond of singing and music since childhood. They used to practise various Bollywood as well as Pakistani songs since then. During a media conversation, Saania told that she and her sister were big fans of music sensation Justin Bieber. Although they could not understand the proper english but they loved his songs and used to listen them several time. During a media interaction, the girls said,

    When we heard Baby, we started dancing and jumping around and we just lost ourselves to it. When I heard the song, I forgot to eat or drink. I was just listening. I kept practising and practising until I learned it by heart.”

  • Saania Tabaydar and Muqqadas Tabaydar rose to fame after a singing video of them surfaced on the internet and received over 1.5 million views and 68,000 shares on Facebook within 3 days of posting it. The duo was seen singing  the song ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber with a different accent. Following this, they gained huge popularity and media houses stated reaching them. During a media interaction their proud mother said,

    I still can’t believe all of this happened to my daughters, all thanks to Justin Bieber. I like him a lot. I feel he’s like my son.”

  • Her mother also revealed that they listened to the song about 70 times before transcribing it into Urdu and memorising it. On becoming a internet sensation in no time, the duo said,

    We really didn’t expect all of this to happen to us, to be famous like this. Because of this video we got on a plane for the first time and we’ve been on TV. That’s always been our dream.”

  • In 2015, the singing duo were also featured in ICC World Cup 2015 anthem ‘Phir Se Game Uthadein.’ The song is inspired by Matt Slogett and Kasey Carlone’s famed 1992 hit ‘Who Rules The World.’ The Justin Bibis song competed with the original World Cup anthem, which had a star-studded roster. However, that song, which included the vocals of Atif Aslam, Faisal Kapadia, Asrar, and Jimmy Khan, as well as personalities like as Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Siddiqui, and Adnan Malik, fell a little flat. The video starts with the girls singing Baby, then moves on to Who Rules The World. The females are featured prominently on the tune, which is followed by a qawalli-inspired rendition of ‘khail ka hai sama, josh mein hai jahan’ for an intriguing combination that would appeal to the Pakistani audience. The 1 minute and 18-second music video includes pictures of the Badshahi Mosque, dancing horses, and Lahore’s pehelwans, among other things, to highlight the best of what Lahore has to offer. Adnan Malik explained the concept of the newer version of the song as,

    You have to love social media because when I put out a call to action on Facebook, I managed to track them down. When Zoe and I met them, we couldn’t tell who was more starstruck — us or them! Zoe and Adnan Saeed, who produced the audio, mentioned that we should incorporate qawalli into the new anthem and so we decided to merge the two.”

    He also added,

    Working with them was a great experience. It’s a home-grown talent, which their mother has nurtured very well. Without any formal training, both sisters are extremely in tune.”

  • In 2021, Justin Bibis announced their collaboration with Hasan Raheem and Talal Qureshi to produce a  fusion-fuelled track for the 14th season of Coke Studio, a Pakistani music franchise which features studio-recorded music performances by established and emerging artists. They sung the song Peechay Hutt, which released on 19 February 2022.

  • Justin Bibis’ biggest dream is to meet Justin Bieber and present their talent to of him.